Rosary Pouch

Rosary Pouch Immaculate Heart of Mary & Sacred Heart of Jesus Woven Fabric Tapestry Style Icon  
Model: 30604
Size:6" W x 4" H 
Fully lined with zipper closure
Description:Rosary Pouches Tapestry Icon Style,lined with zipper closure,Fits most adult Rosaries, But small enough to fit easily in your purse or pocket. 
Feature:Tapestry Icon Pouches, The woven double sided artwork features the recreation of the traditional works Immaculate Heart of Mary & Sacred Heart of Jesus ,lined with nylon, stitched process.

Rosary Pouch

Model: 30621

Size:6" W x 4" H 

Fully lined with zipper closure

Description:Rosary Pouches Tapestry Icon Style,lined with zipper closure,Fits most adult Rosaries, But small enough to fit easily in your purse or pocket. 

Feature:Tapestry Icon Pouches, The woven double sided artwork features the recreation of the traditional works Immaculate Heart of Mary & Sacred Heart of Jesus ,lined with nylon, stitched process.

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