Rosary Cases Tapestry Icon

Rosary Cases Tapestry Icon
Model: 30605
Size:6" W x 4" H 
Description:Rosary Cases Tapestry Icon Style,Our Lady of Grace Icon,A unique gift selection for anyone who prays the rosary,Attractive pouches for rosaries,Fits most adult Rosaries,but small enough to fit easily in your pocket. 
Feature:Tapestry Icon Pouches,Features a beautiful image of Our Lady of Grace Icon,lined with Nylon, stitched process.

Rosary Cases Tapestry Icon

Model: 30605

Size:6" W x 4" H 

Description:Rosary Cases Tapestry Icon Style,Our Lady of Grace Icon,A unique gift selection for anyone who prays the rosary,Attractive pouches for rosaries,Fits most adult Rosaries,but small enough to fit easily in your pocket. 
Feature:Tapestry Icon Pouches,Features a beautiful image of Our Lady of Grace Icon,lined with Nylon, stitched process. 

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