Serenity Prayer Praying Hands Coin

Metal Pocket Token
Model: MX02040
Size: Dia 3.5cm
Material: Zinc Alloy
Description:Double-sided companion coin/pocket token. Praying hands on blue background on one side and the first verse of the Serenity Prayer on the other, 35mm Diameter

Metal Praying hands on blue background Serenity Prayer Praying Hands Coin.

Model: 30712

Size: Dia 3.5cm

Material: Zinc Alloy

Description:Metal Praying hands on blue background Serenity Prayer Praying Hands Coin.

Feature:A beautifully designed coin that fits easily into your pocket, wallet or purse that contains a message, prayer or reading on the reverse side.

"Protect us wherever we may roam, and guide us always safely home."

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