Religious Gifts Rosary Pouch

Religious Gifts St Saint Michael Tapestry Keepsake Rosary Icon Pouch
Model: 30608
Size:6" W x 4" H 
Description:Embroidered Tapestry Icon Pouches with zipper closure. Will hold any rosary and fits easily in your pocket or purse!
Large enough to fit rosary and prayer book,saint medals,scapular and other small devotional items. Perfect first communion or confirmation gift for boys or girls!
Feature:Tapestry Icon Pouches a beautiful image ,lined with nylon, stitched process.

Religious Gifts St Saint Michael Tapestry Keepsake Rosary Icon Pouch

Model: 30619

Size:6" W x 4" H 

Description:Embroidered Tapestry Icon Pouches with zipper closure. Will hold any rosary and fits easily in your pocket or purse!

Large enough to fit rosary and prayer book,saint medals,scapular and other small devotional items. Perfect first communion or confirmation gift for boys or girls!

Feature:Tapestry Icon Pouches a beautiful image ,lined with nylon, stitched process.

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